A Song

It’s A’s,  B’s & C’s,
They go on till the Z’s,
Making friends and foes,
With every other Joe,
Can never see them coming,
Floating in the skies,
Like bees and butterflies,
They are everywhere,
Just hiding in the air.

You cannot see them coming,
They are so fast and conning,
Like a flood or a fire,
Leaves your head spinning.
Stay awake,
Ought to have what it takes,
Never dare to lose your stake,
No Noah, No Jehovah,
No Noah, No Jehovah,
You got there, for your sake.

Every thought is sacred,
Don’t ever leave them naked,
Put them in the sheet,
Thou shall be discreet,
Let the heart be your weapon,
Only if you reckon,
If it whispers in your ear,
Be ready to hear,
Let go of the fear,
Don’t let the brain interfere.

Go with the flow,
Never let it slow,
Never saw them coming,
It’s the song I am penning.
The one you are humming.
Just in case, dear
If you are still over here,
Never go on baulking,
Let your pen do the talking.

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