The one who dwells in hell,
Casting dreadful spells,
Reigns o’er you,
Reigns o’er me,
O’er all men, meek and weak.

On the t’other side of the road,
Lies my lonely abode,
Blaring horns, buzzing cars,
A nightmare that doesn’t pass,
Close your eyes, Make the cross,
Faith is never all that gross.

To n’ fro, to n’ fro,
There’s nothing but the trail,
Ain’t no fun, Ain’t no fun,
Chasing one’s tail,
Driving thoughts away,
But I still hear them say,
Let’s pretend to be far.

Fear O’ fear,  always near,
But not so dear,
You’re just a mere,
Shadow of evil,
All that we feel and,
All that we heed,
Thou shall drown in greed.

Forever and ever,
Getting close to the fear,
Running mad, like the deer,
The end seems near
Elusive is the cure!!

Wiping mist off my eyes,
Later, staring at the skies,
Every bit of me, I say,
In utter dismay, I pray,
By bits of thread,
I am hanging,
No one ever knows,
Into what, am I changing?

Eyes, bloody in terror,
Sucked into the marshlands,
Of eternal fear,
If somebody’s near,
And hears screams of fear,
Whisper in my ear,
It’s all just an error,
To know what is true,
Stare right in the mirror.

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