It comes at night

The air gets colder,
As the night grows older,
Creeping like the vine,
Sending chills to the spine,
Like the earth, it quakes,
And so everything shakes,
Gets faster and faster,
Meek goes the rooster.

The flashes of light, I see,
Different hues in its spree,
Topsy- turvy,
Makes them scary,
All the people,
The beautiful people,
Have a whole lot to say,
Even when it’s nay,
They never look tiring,
For incessant cussing.

Half-open doors &
Hearts closed tight,
These are the people,
Who seldom get it right,
The beautiful people,
They never do it right,
The people, Oh the people,
Half dead, half alive,
When there is light,
Their only way is plight.

When they come calling,
No way you’re stalling,
Close your eyes tight,
Through the night,
Hold on to the pillow,
With all your might,
Never be the one,
Who’s left all alone,
With no other choice,
To wallow in malaise,
They come at night
Only at night.


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