It’s the flesh and bones,
Brought into life,
By flowing red gore,
Gushing through the doors,
Underneath a multi-shaded skin,
Keeping us closer to the sin.

Laying down bare,
On a silent seashore,
Every bit of breeze,
Gives a naughty little grease,
Oh air, the air,
Have you been everywhere?

Shedding every piece of wear,
And losing all the tear,
Oh wind, the wind,
Lend me those wings,
That would take me to the end.

Oh bird, the bird,
The one who sees the cloud,
Are you lighter than the air,
With the sharper eyes,
Can you see everywhere?

Oh, bees and the bats,
With all the eyes and ears,
Share me the secret,
Of the dream, I covet.

Oh man, the man,
Made of blood and bone,
Heavier than the stone,
Thou ever begone?

Fire Oh fire,
The burning desire,
Wield the mighty flare,
Time to raise the pyre.

I could never be the stone,
Waiting for the seas to churn,
Burn my blood and my bone,
Gone are those flashes,
I am turning into ashes,
Oh, wind or the wings,
Carry me, as you please.

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