Who am I ?

All the wise men say
It’s the callow way
To wallow and play
If we are not this body
And not even the mind
What am I, this time
What am I, every time
How can I believe? That I am
The perpetrator of this crime?
How will I know?
Which is me, What’s mine?
All we are, All we see,
Just be known,
And never bemoan.

Stealing from the mud,
We end up being thugs,
Borrow from the skies,
And all we do is die,
Chopping up the woods,
With all the iron and steel,
Growing more tired,
We run only on tires,
Who am I? This time,
And every other time.
When all the seers say,
We are just made up of clay,
Why don’t we see,
All these men turning into trees,
What we do,
And what we say,
Is it just a child’s play?
Like clever people say,
So who am I?
Who am I?
Why don’t you say?

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