Goddess in Black

Dance she does,
With her eyes,
You’d follow as she tames,
Like puppets in rein,
The heart lays slain,
With her razor-tipped smile,
You’d stay there lain,
Ignorant of the pain,
Thoughts go adrift,
Lost in wavy curls,
You’d double your shift,
And be back in a whirl,
The locks of her hair,
Is an invisible wand,
To breathe the same air,
You’d pay her with a bond(age),
If I say the rest,
The soul would be at her behest,
Even if everything’s at stake,
So many lives, it would take,
The goddess is in black,
Swaying across,
The lure she casts,
So long it lasts,
You’ll yearn,
To be born,
Only to be slain,
All over again.

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